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My internship starts:

August 8, 2009

My obsession with food and wine started quite early in life and thus far it’s been limited to cooking at home, reading food-related books, following blogs and generally talking like I know what it takes to be a good cook. I realized that my skill set would increase exponentially if I was surrounded by people who actually knew what the hell they were doing. My education as a diner in great restaurants and reading Harold McGee was fun but I wasn’t going to grow as a cook nearly as quickly as if I had joined the staff in a respectable restaurant. And so, my dream of working under a great chef became a reality in 2009.

After working for several years under the tutelage of the famed local chef, Frank Stitt, two friends set out on their own to open up Za Za Trattoria. Brian and Geoff, one a chef and the other a restaurant manager, respectively, opened up a casual modern Italian restaurant (No veal parmesan here). It’s simple preparation with the best local ingredients the restaurant can source. Just the kind of place and team I wanted to work with. After proposing a mutually beneficial arrangement, the guys were gracious enough to let me join the team. I’d work as an employee and observe every aspect of the working restaurant, my goal, being, to become a better cook and also see if life as a chef is better than life behind a computer. I’m not the first person who has dreamt of doing such a thing and I wanted to share my experience with others. So this is my attempt to give a narrative of my journey into the restaurant world. It will also serve as a place to offer my opinions on other restaurants and any other food-related observations.

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