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Hot & Hot Fish Club – 6/10

September 9, 2009

Hot & Hot has great potential but never seems to deliver consistently on their efforts. They have some items on the menu that are just amazing and they do those select things really well. And then you try a fish entrée or, in my case, the pork trio and you are left wondering where the talent went that cooked those amazing sweetbreads or your dates seared trigger fish. My latest visit started off with a really well crafted appetizer of sautéed sweetbreads (thymus glands) over a bed of vegetables. Sweetbreads were slightly creamy in the middle with a great mild sauce covering them and the vegetables. Fantastic dish! I then spotted the pork trio, 3 different cuts of pork served in 3 different ways, one of which was pork belly. Pork belly is just amazing if you cook it properly and it’s actually pretty hard to dry out with all that delicious fat. Unfortunately, the chef overcooked the pork belly, the pork shoulder was tough and the third piece of pork was cooked well. 1 out of 3 isn’t great score. It was disappointing that the meal did not finish as spectacular as it started. Hot & Hot has been a staple in the Birmingham restaurant scene for years and should have worked out a kitchen with more steady results.

With all that said, most cities would be thrilled to have Hot & Hot as a restaurant choice and Birmingham is no different. You will still have some amazing food and it’s important to know what to order. The shrimp and grits are famous at Hot & Hot and while I think butter is used to excess in the grits, most people really enjoy them. The heirloom tomato salad, when it’s in season, is a stunning appetizer.

Unfortunately, the restaurant hasn’t been consistent enough to put it in the same class as Café DuPont and Highland’s Bar & Grill but it certainly sits in the top 10 for restaurants in the city. If you go, sit at the chef’s table, it’s a treat to watch the cooks at work.

Seared fish over risotto and peas

The infamous shrimp and grits

Fried green tomatoes in a chilled tomato gazpacho

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